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2013. október 9., szerda

The Big Draw 2013, Day 1


So the day came such as 13 people to participate on our first day of The Big Draw Campaign, and it seems that my idea worked more than I expected. Which was GOOD because I was a little bit excited about how it will turn out, since this was the first time trying out this activity.
At the back by the door we could welcome a special guest, Gyöngyi from the Postal Museum of Budapest who payed a visit to follow this event and get some inspiration for her work.

I divided the students into two groups, we decided on creating a boy's and a girl's group.
We started sketching our idea on a paper, about our 'vision' of future postmen. Afterwards everyone looked at each other's ideas and we tried to select the best ideas putting together a real future postman for the big cardboard.

I was honestly amazed how everyone in the boy's group agreed on different ideas, and soon they chose their best ideas about the postman's vehicle, gadgets, hairstyle and other accessories! Wow!
So I helped to pre-draw their final idea on the big cardboard and they started their amazing collage!
I don't remember what did I draw then exactly, but they sure enjoyed it.. :-)

The girls were also amazing, but they needed a bit more time to agree on a final version. Everyone wanted different dress, hairstyle, etc. They agreed on a stamp-navel piercing quite quick though.. :)

And finally, some fun-pictures about fooling around with their masterpieces!

Enjoy, love, share!

.oOo. Wanna join?? .oOo.

No problem! Come on the 12th of October to the Stamp Museum at 11 p.m. and you can draw with us something BIG again!

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