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2013. október 12., szombat

The Big Draw 2013, Day 2

I love when the museum fills up with creative minds! Today it was a good day for our second Big Draw event. Finally a bit less than 20 people came in one time and we started working on our future postman in two groups.
I really enjoyed that this time families came mostly and seeing them working together with their children, sharing the joy of creating art with other families together was really amazing.

Here are some pictures of this day.

Enjoy! :)

Part of the 'artists'

 Getting the work done

The two groups and my left arm :-)

"The future postman will have a super-fast car to be able to deliver the letters and he will have a friend, a (postal) homing pigeon who can fly, so it can also help delivering mails. The pigeon loves listening to music from the postman's I-pad. It listens to Postal-pop. The future money will be "Űrengő" which is a game with the words of Űr = space and Pengő = the Hungarian former currency until 1946, short and sweet; it was named after the sound of the coins, basicly the same as the "cha-ching" in the English language."

Groupshot-time!!!! :)

Group two
This future postman was a real deal. He was a robot, and he could make phone calls and deliver mails at the same time, not to mention his unique mailbox-belly!
Looks like everyone became a "smooth operator". :)

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