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2012. október 31., szerda

Hungarian joke - This is the elegant way to be late..

A few month ago I realized that I was late to cheer László Torma Cauli mailartist up for his birthday. So I made this mailart for him.
I can't really translate this to English, I mean, I could but it is not understandable because it is playing with the words in Hungarian. But the main meaning is to say sorry to be late.

The text is: "Szemtelenség a részemről, hogy még nem köszöntöttelek fel születésnapod alkalmából...
Most magam módján pótolom."

These plastic eyes were funny though.. If you shake the Mail Art, they move and make a funny sound.

2012. október 25., csütörtök

Being nostalgic #2 - Budapest Anno, co-production with Andrea Vékony

We love painting walls! Even if we had to paint this in one day.
Happened around 2008 when a person painted his wall brown and realized that he feels bad at home... It was not a coincidence:) So we painted this scenery only with white and black colors and  tried to brighten up his apartment.
I worked together with my good friend and classmate from the university: Andrea Vékony.



2012. október 19., péntek

Being nostalgic - Trash Project from 2007

I have never painted a cow. And I think I never will. I found something much more fun instead. When people do something nice and good for the nature, and visualize a message, that is important.
Anyway, there was this project long ago about repainting trashes and giving function to them, or just simply make it fun to protect our environment.
First we had to hand in picture designs and the jury decided whether you got through or not. If you did, you got two real trashes and you had to paint the same design on both.

An older work.. Variations for Magritte: Lovers

Take one good picture, for instance the René Magritte's Lovers painting. Add some imagination, that there can be a next picture, or even more than one.
A few years ago I decided to paint it for school, and rethink the story. I wanted to paint something obviously crazy and one other (that is just a double picture) with a "deeper" thought.
Something that you may not expect to happen.

And there's another one I prefer. I gave a new title for this pair: "Brothers"

2012. október 13., szombat

Saying thank you for the "Rédactrice en chef" of the L'Écho de la Timbrologie

Yesterday I got a mail from Paris and I found a magazine in the envelope where they wrote about the Mail Art exhibition I directed in the Stamp Museum! I was so happy! So I was wondering, it'd be the best to say thank you, if I'll send a real Mail Art for the Editor in Chief.

So here's what they wrote about us! I start with the magazine's cover, then the article.

So, stay tuned because I'll upload something else soon... :)

.oOo. UPDATE.oOo.

As I said, I'll upload something else soon.. I thought I'll send a real mail art, so I painted one. It's still not finished 100%, but here are some werk pictures, hope you like it.

2012. október 7., vasárnap


The life can be really funny sometimes. It happened in the middle of the summer when I travelled to Stuttgart and to Munich that a very kind man, let's call him Kommissar Hjuler, came to visit the museum I work and wanted to talk to the curator of the exhibition, that was actually me. So he came all the way from the country I was at that time and afterwards I got an email from him that he'd like me to work with him on a project called "Brotkatze" (BradCat). I don't want to write many details about it here and now but the main point was that he sent me a couple of cats that were made of dried bread and I had to turn them into an artpiece and it will be on exhibitions in Germany.
Yet I finished and sent one, but I may make more because I find this project fun.
So here's what I made.

There's a picture of it without and with backlight.

So I found a picture the way they made the exhibition at Förderkreis zeitgenössischer Kunst Kreis, Euskirchen:

And I noticed that they also uploaded my artwork to their "Zusammenkatze" website using backlight:

Mail Art Madness vol.1. For Torma Cauli

We made a little one-afternoon painting session with two of my friends, Orsolya Zóra Gyulai and Zoltán Porpáczy and we all decided to paint a "Misery series" for our friend, László Torma Cauli.
First we thought of painting one different Mail Art each, but it tourned out: we all worked on every piece a little bit. We even thought of an inner joke, so if he puts our works in a right order, he will see his name through the pictures' meanings: "Torma-Cow-Lee". Torma actually means horseradish, and this picture I made mostly. Here's what we did in only a couple of hours, and in the right order. The artworks arrived to him and he mentioned them and us here.