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2014. április 21., hétfő

Drumroll.... Our new webshop has opened!! Story-time!

First of all, let me wish all of You a Happy Easter with a cute and soft Pad-rabbit I made!

So how shall I begin..

A few years ago my grandmother and me were talking about life during the second world war. How they lived their everyday life, or at least tried to maintain their standard of living next to these new situations when German and Russian soldiers were around them and affected their lives daily.

Hearing it from a person who actually lived in this situation is always more effective than reading about it in schoolbooks, I think. Anyway, she told me lots of interesting stories and sooner or later we started talking about living in that era as a woman.
I asked her what did the women do when they got their periods for example, and she told me how did they saw pads for themselves, gathering together in a women's circle and talking, sawing, having a nice time together, where only women were welcomed.

That time I got the idea to refresh this method and soon I started researching and testing fabrics, and when I started thinking about taking this project serious, I turned to the person I trusted the most in her profession.
That was Judit, who I got to know in the design university we both went, but she studied textile design, and me graphic design.
She was also amazed about my idea, refreshing the way how my grandmother used to do, but as always, we had to make some modifications, so that the will-be product can be more comfortable and practical, and of course long-lasting! Since that was my goal from the beginning.

So long story short, around one year ago, my grandmother died in the age of 90, and I thought about honouring her life she shared with me, and I had the chance to be a part of, I named these products after her name. Her full name is Emília Keszey, but when I was young I pronounced her name as Emilla, and sooner or later everyone from the family and from her little village, in Óhid called her like that.

Yesterday I was by someone who could help me to get my older pictures from my old harddrives, because I was just storing them in a little box since my PC didn't work and I had no chance to get my pictures back from them. At least I thought so, until he didn't help me yesterday.
So checking my old data and pictures, I found some really nice pictures from my grandmother too!

So Csaba, if you read this, I can't thank you enough for your help!!

Here's a picture of my grandmother, Emilla, taken in 2004 in her court. 

Now after two years of testing our new healthy pads with over 20 girls, I proudly announce the webshop where you can see and get these products I so much care about!

So here it is:

Of course it's in two languages, Hungarian and English, just search for the flag, and you are good to go:-)

We also launched a two-languaged Facebook site, and an Instagram page. Like it, follow it, if you want to get the newest informations immediately.

And for more information we launched a blog too. This is yet only in Hungarian, but I'm working on the translation so soon we'll come up with the English version as well.

And now, time to show you the pictures!!

Enjoy, love, share, and use!!!! 

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