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2014. január 26., vasárnap


I made up my mind to create a selection about my old paintings.
Yes, I know, they look freaky and scary sometimes, but around 2003-2007 this was kind of something I liked painting.

Don't get disappointed! :)

So, love or hate?

2014. január 24., péntek

Sewing an interactive pillow

One college of mine is obsessed with frogs. But you know, in a good way.
She helps them on frog recues, takes pictures of them on hikes, reads about them, all that kind of stuff. And I always loved the passion in her when she talks about the different spieces and stories she knows.
Anyhow, I decided to saw her a soft and cozy pillow for her birthday by hand, and surprise her.
I collected parts of the frog from T-shirts, pijamas, different kinds of fabrics and I could finally finish sewing the parts together.
She got it today and I think she really liked it. :)

So, enjoy!
This is the front of the pillow.

And this is how you can open its mouth. :)

2014. január 19., vasárnap

Portrait time!

So I'm painting another portrait, that is 43x30cm on a cardboard prepared on a Gesso base.
It's just at the very basic level, but I hope I'll finish it soon. I really like the atmosphere of the characters, I try to show the joy and happiness they both share.
Anyway, here's where I am right now, and keep tuned for the following werkpictures and of course the finished one!

2014. január 17., péntek

Surprise video

A few minutes ago I discovered a cute little video that has been editted by the Tulipán Kindergarden where you can see some pictures of the Kindergarden and its everyday life.I found this on their Facebook page.
It's so lovely to see that they use my designs, logo, cards, posters, etc.
So yeey, or shall I say it in Dutch?
Hieperdepiep Hoera!

Enjoy the video! :-)

2014. január 4., szombat