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2013. március 15., péntek

My collage-animation video about the Hungarian system change (Rendszerváltás)

In 2009 it was the 20th anniversary of our country's system change and for this event we made a small video about how we remember of the year 1989.

As I've never made a video before, it will be a bit raw, and of couse I needed help to cut and dub it, so I asked a good friend. He's name is Gergő so together we could make this "sketch". 
My big idea was telling the story with real pictures of me from 1989, and with a special program I tried to bring those photographs to life... for the second time. 

The text will be Hungarian but the story is very simple:

I was about to go to school on the following September so me and my best friend who's name is also Gergő (what a coincidence!) from the kindergarden were very excited. The election was held in the school's building where we were about to go, so we were keen to be there with our parents, just to discover the building beforehand. During the election campaigns, there were a political party who advertised itself on the streets from cars, using a megaphone. They were shouting some kind of poem that came from the Roxette's 'Listen to your Heart' song in Hungarian. Of course for weeks we were sitting on our balcony and we were waiting for these cars and kept counting them, cause they were exciting for a 6 year old kid. The problem started on the day of the election, which were of course a campaign silence period.. 
We got bored in the school while we were waiting our parents to vote, so we started running along the school's corridors and shouted these very lines of the song as loud as we could, like we saw from those interesting people with their megaphones.. 

Enjoy! ;-)

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  1. I saw earlier this video on youtube. Little briliant masterpiece, I like it very well!
    Thanks for share with us!

    1. Thank you Susannia! I'm really glad you liked it! It was worth the way then. :-)