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2013. március 29., péntek

When the Easter bunny turns into Pikachu!

Oh yes. I'm kinda new to baking. I'm a bit unexpreienced but at least brave enough to create gingerbread bunnies for my family. The only problem came when I finished baking and saw the result. My sweet bunnies turned into a bunch of Pikachu figures!
Oh well.. They taste very nice though. :)



2013. március 26., kedd

Easter goodies

I've already sent two mail arts, I forgot to scan in, so I'll have to wait until they arrive. I sent one for Virgo to Russia and one for Ryosuke Cohen to Japan.

And now I'm finished with two more, but no, I won't tell you the recipients' name. They will remain a secret until they get them.

Anyway, enjoy! :-)

So this is one side of my first Easter mail art:

This one has got both sides on one image:

And this one is only one side of the mail art:

.oOo. UPDATE!!! .oOo.

2013. március 24., vasárnap

Botox on Canvas - Why women have to do this?!

Okay, I was just kidding, I used no botox. But last night I was wondering about the method how I should paint a series about this problem, and I kinda found the way..
It's about women who just don't see themselves the way they should see. Some of them always wants more and they will never be confident with themselves, ever.
I want to create a horrifying series called "Am I pretty now?" 
So far I created one piece but I'm planning on making a few more. So stay tuned if you will.

 This one is the same but from another angle:

2013. március 18., hétfő

Being nostalgic #6 Paraphrase

I don't even remember when did I paint this series.. Maybe around 2006 I guess. I wanted to create a story about love and loneliness but on the other hand: fearless and winning.
It is a very common issue. People have to decide quite often between these two things.
Such as my character did.

2013. március 16., szombat

Errors (Hibák) - Mini(E)mail Art - project

After the Mini(E)mail Art's Winter Stories project, a new topic came up: Errors.
This time I wanted to create something that is an error for the eyes, and not for the mind.. Like I didn't want to post out a thought that I find incorrect, but something that's literally "hurts" your eyes. :-)

So this is it:

This picture has been published on the main page of the project as well.

2013. március 15., péntek

My collage-animation video about the Hungarian system change (Rendszerváltás)

In 2009 it was the 20th anniversary of our country's system change and for this event we made a small video about how we remember of the year 1989.

As I've never made a video before, it will be a bit raw, and of couse I needed help to cut and dub it, so I asked a good friend. He's name is Gergő so together we could make this "sketch". 
My big idea was telling the story with real pictures of me from 1989, and with a special program I tried to bring those photographs to life... for the second time. 

The text will be Hungarian but the story is very simple:

I was about to go to school on the following September so me and my best friend who's name is also Gergő (what a coincidence!) from the kindergarden were very excited. The election was held in the school's building where we were about to go, so we were keen to be there with our parents, just to discover the building beforehand. During the election campaigns, there were a political party who advertised itself on the streets from cars, using a megaphone. They were shouting some kind of poem that came from the Roxette's 'Listen to your Heart' song in Hungarian. Of course for weeks we were sitting on our balcony and we were waiting for these cars and kept counting them, cause they were exciting for a 6 year old kid. The problem started on the day of the election, which were of course a campaign silence period.. 
We got bored in the school while we were waiting our parents to vote, so we started running along the school's corridors and shouted these very lines of the song as loud as we could, like we saw from those interesting people with their megaphones.. 

Enjoy! ;-)

2013. március 14., csütörtök

Being nostalgic #5 a.k.a. How to turn a Renaissance painting into a 3D experience?

Back in 2008 we had a project in the school, where we had to create something three dimensional out of Renaissance paintings. (That year was the Renaissance Year in Hungary). Beside this task, we had to add something extra to it, so it won't be just a simple copy of a masterpiece.
I started working with a part of Sandro Botticelli's "Slander" painting and decided to use a Barbie doll in a very.. brutal way.

Beside the devotion, watching the painting made me feel fear and pain through the carachter of the young woman, so I decided to turn my doll into her, changing everything, but the waist. It was a strange paradox, because the most unnaturalistic part of a Barbie doll is its waist. One simple glance at it makes me feel pain after all.

Here's my first werk of the 3D modell:

Later on I had to break the doll's wrists and legs and after a long micro-waving experience I placed extra plaster building up muscles and curves I needed to look after the real character. For example I put some plaster on the eyes of the Barbie doll, because normally the structure of a human's face and head is not similar, and the eyes are more upwards and the forehead is smaller as well.. After some hairdying and cutting procedure, I painted a gesso base on it and continued to build up the other parts of the model.

I used a wooden box and cardboards painted with acrylics.
And here you can see the final version of the transformed Barbie doll too:

You notice a little corset on the doll, it was made to emphasise its weird waist.

So here's a happy 'n' proud picture of us. :-)

The finished 3D model looked so interesting that I took some pictures with different angles and lights to display the pain and fear on the picture.

And finally this is a picture of the finished 3D modell and the painting next to each other:

2013. március 4., hétfő

The cutting edge designer

Over a year ago I was selected to design the logo for a Hungarian-Dutch kindergarden called Tulipán Kidergarden.

This was so inspiring, that the owner of the kindergarden started making different things with it, for example: 

Melinda's lovely pumpkin

A few days ago, on Saturday we had a big day, the kindergarden could introduce itself to the people on the Oviparádé 2013 (Kindergarden Parade 2013).

I was asked to make some goodies that people can take with themselves as a gift and ad about the place. So I made some nice stickers and magnets (around 4-500) and cutted them at home. It took up  bit time.. :-)

I will update with some pictures of the parade, because I was there to make facepaintings on kids.