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2013. március 14., csütörtök

Being nostalgic #5 a.k.a. How to turn a Renaissance painting into a 3D experience?

Back in 2008 we had a project in the school, where we had to create something three dimensional out of Renaissance paintings. (That year was the Renaissance Year in Hungary). Beside this task, we had to add something extra to it, so it won't be just a simple copy of a masterpiece.
I started working with a part of Sandro Botticelli's "Slander" painting and decided to use a Barbie doll in a very.. brutal way.

Beside the devotion, watching the painting made me feel fear and pain through the carachter of the young woman, so I decided to turn my doll into her, changing everything, but the waist. It was a strange paradox, because the most unnaturalistic part of a Barbie doll is its waist. One simple glance at it makes me feel pain after all.

Here's my first werk of the 3D modell:

Later on I had to break the doll's wrists and legs and after a long micro-waving experience I placed extra plaster building up muscles and curves I needed to look after the real character. For example I put some plaster on the eyes of the Barbie doll, because normally the structure of a human's face and head is not similar, and the eyes are more upwards and the forehead is smaller as well.. After some hairdying and cutting procedure, I painted a gesso base on it and continued to build up the other parts of the model.

I used a wooden box and cardboards painted with acrylics.
And here you can see the final version of the transformed Barbie doll too:

You notice a little corset on the doll, it was made to emphasise its weird waist.

So here's a happy 'n' proud picture of us. :-)

The finished 3D model looked so interesting that I took some pictures with different angles and lights to display the pain and fear on the picture.

And finally this is a picture of the finished 3D modell and the painting next to each other:

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