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2013. szeptember 27., péntek

My edible logo for gourmet designers!

Today, the Dutch kindergarten, the Tulipán Gyermekkert had its official opening ceremony, where I was invited as their graphic designer. The Ambassador of The Netherlands in Hungary, Ambassador Gajus Scheltema payed a visit as well to celebrate with us this very happy event.
So after the ceremony and the champaign Melinda, who is the "mother" of the whole kidergarden, suddelny came with a huge surprise! She carried a nice basket with full of nice gingerbread cookies, with my logo on them!
I have to admit, first I thought it's just a paper sticker attached to the cookies, but it turned out it was my logo you can actually eat! How incredible is that?!
I was so surprised and touched by this surprise that at first I couldn't say a word, but then seeing everyone literally eating my logo it was really a nice moment that was worth working for.
When Ambassador Gajus Scheltema had to leave, he got a cookie for the road as well.  :-)

So Melinda, if you read this, I must tell you, you are really fantastic! And the opening ceremony was the highlight of my day such as everyone's you invited!

Dank je heel erg!!

I made some pictures of these cookies, they are so much fun!

.oOo. Update!! .oOo.

The Hongarije Vandaag magazine, or to be more precise Tom de Smet wrote an article about the opening ceremony of the kindergarten. I was also mentioned there as the graphic designer of the event. 
The article is in Dutch, I guess this is my very first article in Dutch where I was mentioned as an artist. :-) 

Thank you Tom!

2013. szeptember 25., szerda

Torremolinos 73 - old sketchbook pages #1

I almost forgot how many sketchbooks I have at home... I randomly drew them on the streets, on vacation, at home, with friends in pubs, etc.
I think I'm going to make special 'sketchbook' entries once in a while.

Just because.


2013. szeptember 22., vasárnap

Berzsenyi Dániel - Drawing session with pen

I always said that I love to paint but I don't really like to draw.. Well, even if I still think this, it was a really good feeling to draw something finally.

So here it is.

This was made as a present for a very nice American lady.
I made it with black ballpen on cardboard.

2013. szeptember 18., szerda

Very Special Entry! A.k.a. a (maga)Zine from a "So" special person

I haven't really had the chance to write or publish about my everyday job as a museologist. Well now Ms. Alice So from the U.S.A. made that happen.
A few month back she visited the Stamp Museum while I was on duty and we had a little time to talk about stamps and Mail Art. Yesterday I got 16 Zines about her trip to Hungary, and in one of them me and my job was the main topic!

It is a special entry because it won't be about an artwork I created but an artistic reflection about my job as other people see it.

And it feels so good, that I must share it with all of you!


Love it, enjoy it!

2013. szeptember 15., vasárnap

Being nostalgic #9 Realistic painting with watercolour

In the university we had a little task called naturalistic painting.
We had to paint whatever we wanted to and then we had to change its surface.

So this is what I did.

Enjoy :)

2013. szeptember 12., csütörtök

How to turn an Avocado into a jewellery box?

Last summer when I was in Stuttgart, I visited a good friend of mine,
Planet Susannia. 
I was wondering about what should I create for her, and then I decided, I will try to make something weird but useful at the same time.

So take an Avocado, cut it in half, eat it however you'd like to, and leave the avocado's peel to dry for about a few month.
Than pour varnish inside of one half. I used plextol. I placed a stamp inside of the shell first, just to make it more interesting.
When it dries the plextol will make enough weight so that the 'empty' dried avocado will stay in place.
I loved painting the surface of the avocado peel, although it was not too easy.

Anyway, it was fun for an experiment and fun to surprise my friend with it.
There's no chance that someone counts on getting an avocado peel jewellery box as a present.

For sure.

Love it, share it.


The photos were made by Susannia, also this little review, check it out!

2013. szeptember 1., vasárnap

Kindergarten signs

Drawing signs for children is not too easy.. They should look nice but easy to draw for children at the same time.
The topic was of course about symbols of The Netherlands, so we had to figure out signs in the style of the country.
Which one would you choose? :-)

.oOo. UPDATE .oOo.

Here are the sign-cards freshly printed and laminated by the best Melinda of the world! :)