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2012. december 28., péntek

Merry Christmas Mateja! :-)

A few minutes before we've met for the first time, was at the begining of december on the show of The Red Paintings in Budapest and I've heard her talking to another girl about one of my painting she saw online. 
I was very happy that I heard these words accidentally and I thought I will sourprise her with a similar painting for Christmas.

2012. december 20., csütörtök

Mail Art Madness vol.2

One of the coolest habit is what we do with two of my best friends and my boyfriend. We all gather together occasionally like we did today. We have one goal: to paint together something for Torma Cauli László, our friend. So a few hours of chatting, drawing and gluing stuff makes sense, especially after some wine.. :)
anyway, don't judge me, or even us, we just had fun like we always do if we are together.

Here's some pictures from our little event:

Here's what Zora did:

Zoli's work:

(By the way, Henrik is the only one of us who is not an artist per say, he is a librarian.)

And here's mine (both sides):

Okay, this chocolate is actually a lottery scratcher, so he can win with it some money :)

Here's what I made for a Russian Mail Art friend of mine, to Virgo:

And of course I also made one for Planet Susannia, but I will upload it later, because I know she is watching... :-)

.oOo. Update .oOo.

.oOo. Update #2 .oOo.

So now that Susannia got my mail art as well, I post it here.

2012. december 16., vasárnap

Little RedS Riding Hood

I found this I painted before the university around 2004. I still find it funny.
It says something like: "Yes, he is the the captive of the circumstances."

2012. december 13., csütörtök

Being nostalgic #4 The story of the wallpaper...

Back then in the University, around 2008, we had to design covers for the American Print Magazine and this was one of my four idea.

2012. december 10., hétfő

The Red Paintings Vienna show sneak peek

So I was in Vienna, in B72 to paint for The Red Paintings again. And I was really glad we made it happen because I really find them amazing! And I like the fact that they truly believe in my art and style. I learnt an expression from one of them on that very evening, that I have never heard before: "I feel it in my waters".
I have to admit, I didn't have the faintest idea what he was talking about that time. :-)
This was about me becoming a succesful artist ever. I came home and a few days after, I remembered it and looked it up in the dictionary. I was really thankful that I did so and I hope I'm really on the right tracks.
This is the picture I made in less than 45 minutes on the show while I was listening their music (without earplugs!!:)

Some werks:

And please, listen to this beautiful song too:


There is nothing in me that you can't take away
I'm as dead as the water in a dried up lake

Too many kids in here have hat tops and hammers as well
The cellar door's blown to bits, i keep my cool knowing it well, knowing it well

Inside the sea we go, a million things i wish i'd said have been and gone, they're lost
We paint our world apart, we're closing up, we think we've got it all worked out, but we don't

Too many kids in here have hat tops and hammers as well
The cellar door's blown to bits i keep my cool knowing it well, knowing it well
Knowing it well

Our little group after the show

2012. december 7., péntek

Being nostalgic #3 - Venice sketch

Oh yes, I knew I've had that somewhere! I found one of my sketches from around 2008. I drew it with a black pen on psichology class in the university. (Oh well..)  :)
I know this is not february to post a picture about the Festival of Venice, but I post it now anyway.


2012. december 6., csütörtök

Winter Stories (Téli mesék) - Mini(E)mail Art - project

This is the second time I'm participating in one of the Arnolfini Salon's artproject series. Time after time we get a topic and we reply visually. So simple is that. To be honest, I made a little extra game out of these.. As soon as I get the new email with a new topic (and if I'm at home at that time..) I try to sketch something right away. It makes my works not too overdone, and minimalistic-alike.. :) (Gosh, I really need to practice more English..)
The project is here.
And here's my 5 minute sketch :)

2012. december 2., vasárnap

The Red Paintings - Here we go!

So whitin a few hours, I'm going on stage with The Red Paintings to create a live painting on a model.
I'm very excited.. So much that I painted a picture while I was listening their music today. This one is inspired by the song called Rain.


Why does sun shine cross the ocean.....
These tragedies
Some can always think without the next time .....

They're so naive
Your uniform doesn't impress me
Mass manipulation
When how why will we win
Must survive
Old clocks ..... just an illusion of time

She just feels so sad
She can't even get up from the floor
Forgotten children
Coming to steal their innocence

Cos they're so naive
Your uniform doesn't impress me
Mass manipulation
When how why will we win
Must survive
Old clocks ..... just an illusion of time

Once again it's happened to me now
Once again it's happened to me now

What if we never see each other again
The holy ghost, the holy ghost (Repeat Section)

What if this is all just the end of the world?
When do we run?
When the barbecue is done
When will all this (fooling?) end?
The holy ghost, the holy ghost

I've got a ....we're all done (the holy ghost x2)

What if we never see each other again ? (the holy ghost x2)
(Repeat Section)

.oOo. Update .oOo.

It was such a great show! It turned out that I had to paint on a canvas instead of a modell's body. 
But it was good for me, I like painting on canvases anyway. The most awesome thing was when during the show, the singer stopped the band suddenly and came to the canvas just to tell me that it is so cool what I'm doing. He told it to the audience as well. This made me so happy! :) Well in my opinion the painting turned out okay, for this short time what I had I tried to do my best. I painted a japaneese-like composition, and when they played the last song, the whole stage had got UV light, so I started using my neon paints and turned off the light on my canvas. It looked great! But gonna upload pictures very soon..

.oOo. Update #2. oOo.

So the singer of the The Red Paintings posted on their wall some kind words about the show last night: 

"Interesting show last night supporting some mars Volta action. Seems we made some new American friends and some Hungarian ones as well. Art works again amazing possibly the best on this mega long tour so far. Tonight we play the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic." 

.oOo. Update #3 .oOo.

As I promised, here are some pictures:

Behind the scenes with Mu Ki (The other painter) 

Work in progress

 This is with the leader of the band, he is Trash Mcsweeny from The Red Paintings.

And here's my finished painting:

And finally here's a video of the mood :-)