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2013. október 26., szombat

Book illustration: vector with a hint of a hand-painted background

I've made three illustrated books back in 2010 for my degree, but I ended up not using the painted backgrounds. Not that I wasn't satisfied with them but sometimes less is more.
But enough with the clichés, so I decided on uploading somes with their original backgrounds.

These ones were made for a - probably not only - Hungarian saying it says: "Rokonok Ádámtól és Évától"
in English: "They are related from Adam and Eve". This saying means that they are not at all related or their behaviours and/or interests differ. In my books you can read about many interesting and old sayings and proberbs' origin and their cultural background surrounded by my illustrations.

So here's one of them in its "extended" version, enjoy, love, share!

2013. október 16., szerda

When I forgot to bring my camera to Jesolo, Italy - old sketchbook pages #2

In 2005 me and my father decided to go to the sea for a few days to Italy in the end of the summer. We had a great time, except that after a few hundred kms from Hungary I realized I left my camera at home.
The funny part is because of this "accident" and because I still wanted to take home pictures, I went to the first 'Tutti 1 Euro' shop and bought myself an empty copybook and some cheap felt tips to sketch, so I have even more memories of this holiday than of the others before. These pictures became much more personal than a digital photo, so I'm having a sketchbook on me everytime, eversince.

I recomend everyone who likes drawing to leave home their camera and start sketching what is around you.
You won't regret it, I promise. :)

Here's some sketch of the trip back then, and stay tuned for some others like these, soon...

Enjoy, love, share!

2013. október 12., szombat

Designing a poster that became two

Last week I was asked by the Stamp Museum to design a big poster for the Autumn Festival of the Museums for the Stamp Museum of Budapest. I got inspired of the topic and made one that everybody liked. Until we got to know there's a bianco poster scheme that I should've used.. Sadly. Because I had to start it over again.
But the second one turned out to be good enough as well, so now it's visible on the streets!
I should start finding it on the citylights of Budapest. :)

This was my first design:

 This is the bianco poster I had to use:

 And this is how it turned out:

Enjoy, love share! :)

.oOo. UPDATE! .oOo.

In the meantime I was also asked to design a very simple plastic billboard or molino that can be rolled up and brought anywhere for the Postal Museum of Budapest. 
I liked the fact how cooperative they were and we decided on playing with their logo and create the background from its structure. 
So this is how it turned out. 

The Big Draw 2013, Day 2

I love when the museum fills up with creative minds! Today it was a good day for our second Big Draw event. Finally a bit less than 20 people came in one time and we started working on our future postman in two groups.
I really enjoyed that this time families came mostly and seeing them working together with their children, sharing the joy of creating art with other families together was really amazing.

Here are some pictures of this day.

Enjoy! :)

Part of the 'artists'

 Getting the work done

The two groups and my left arm :-)

"The future postman will have a super-fast car to be able to deliver the letters and he will have a friend, a (postal) homing pigeon who can fly, so it can also help delivering mails. The pigeon loves listening to music from the postman's I-pad. It listens to Postal-pop. The future money will be "Űrengő" which is a game with the words of Űr = space and Pengő = the Hungarian former currency until 1946, short and sweet; it was named after the sound of the coins, basicly the same as the "cha-ching" in the English language."

Groupshot-time!!!! :)

Group two
This future postman was a real deal. He was a robot, and he could make phone calls and deliver mails at the same time, not to mention his unique mailbox-belly!
Looks like everyone became a "smooth operator". :)

2013. október 9., szerda

The Big Draw 2013, Day 1


So the day came such as 13 people to participate on our first day of The Big Draw Campaign, and it seems that my idea worked more than I expected. Which was GOOD because I was a little bit excited about how it will turn out, since this was the first time trying out this activity.
At the back by the door we could welcome a special guest, Gyöngyi from the Postal Museum of Budapest who payed a visit to follow this event and get some inspiration for her work.

I divided the students into two groups, we decided on creating a boy's and a girl's group.
We started sketching our idea on a paper, about our 'vision' of future postmen. Afterwards everyone looked at each other's ideas and we tried to select the best ideas putting together a real future postman for the big cardboard.

I was honestly amazed how everyone in the boy's group agreed on different ideas, and soon they chose their best ideas about the postman's vehicle, gadgets, hairstyle and other accessories! Wow!
So I helped to pre-draw their final idea on the big cardboard and they started their amazing collage!
I don't remember what did I draw then exactly, but they sure enjoyed it.. :-)

The girls were also amazing, but they needed a bit more time to agree on a final version. Everyone wanted different dress, hairstyle, etc. They agreed on a stamp-navel piercing quite quick though.. :)

And finally, some fun-pictures about fooling around with their masterpieces!

Enjoy, love, share!

.oOo. Wanna join?? .oOo.

No problem! Come on the 12th of October to the Stamp Museum at 11 p.m. and you can draw with us something BIG again!

2013. október 8., kedd

The Big Draw 2013 !

 It's coming, it's coming... 

This year I'm responsible for the Big Draw project/campaign in the Stamp Museum and the main topic is for the Big Draw: "Draw Tomorrow!" and we will have two days to celebrate together and draw something.. BIG. :)
The first event will be on the 9th of October, which is accidentally the World Post Day, so I decided on doing something special for this occasion.

I prepared big cardboards with a hole in the middle-ish in the size of a face, and I painted their frames as stamps' side-perforations. The task will be to design the World's future postman. Of course we will do this in an extraordinary way, because not only we have to figure out a funny uniform, or gadgets, vehicles, etc. for the them to use or wear, but we'll have to sketch them onto the big cardboard, leaving out his or her face.
If it is not enough, we will use different colorful stamps to decorate our monstrous masterpiece and after finishing, we can place our face into the hole and be the future postman!

If you want to come and draw with us something big, come to the Stamp Museum on the 9th of October from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. or on Saturday, the 12th of October from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.!

I made one already for inspiration.. And of course most of my colleges felt like trying it out, but yet, here are some backstage pictures of it.

And yes. I know that the next picture will be creepy.. But I had to try it anyway. :-)

.oOo. UPDATE .oOo.

Looks like my two beloved colleges had some fun too!:-)

2013. október 1., kedd

Something is going on... Painting on stage with The Red Paintings in November!

Yes! I'll be on stage with The Red Paintings' newest 'Wasps' EU/UK Tour in Munich on the 14th of November 2013! The concert will be at Hansa 39, so if you are nearby and want to join us, come! :-)

Here's their page about the tour:
And my submissions:
1, 2, 3

And two posts about their tour with me last year in Budapest and in Wien. Check them out too!

Join, like, share, and stay tuned!!!