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2014. április 1., kedd

The Crow and the Apple - or let's just say, when three people with good chemistry meets and cooperate, but has a lack of time

I'm not sure when did we have this project, but if I recall, it was around january in 2012.
Kálmán Gasztonyi studies in the University of Theater and Film Arts in Budapest, as a screenwriter and back then he had to work on a story that was either good for children and for adults.
He called me and my friend Andrea Vékony up, and asked us if we'd like to participate in this task and create our imaginations as illustrations of his story.

Kálmán's story was really remarkable and we enjoyed bringing it visually alive, even though we had about 2-3 days to finish with 30 pictures. We worked mostly digitally: they are digital collages and its modifications with some hand-drawn sketches.

I hope I'll have the chance to write a brief translation about the story itself, but until then, enjoy the pictures!

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