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2013. február 27., szerda


Okay. Me and my college, Alexandra are simply insane! :-)
We were packing away the trash that came from one kids' activity in the museum and we started doodleing a rabbit and than we glued and added some stuffes..
Next day she came with her pendrive telling me that she took some pictures of our creation, and asked me if I can do something with them..

Well indeed! :-)

2013. február 16., szombat

Hungarian mothers in The Netherlands

I was asked to create a logo and a header for their FB page.

And this is a T-shirt design. It shows where the girls are travelling on which day.

And some small illustration from the T-shirt design:

Ik ben klaar! :-)

.oOo. UPDATE .oOo.

My friend Melinda took pictures of the ready magnets, stickers and T-shirt stickers...

...and here are my pictures I took of the sets:


2013. február 13., szerda

The White Lucia

I painted this for a very friendly and nice client of mine because she keeps asking me to paint portraits as presents for her friends, family and collegues, but she has never made me paint anything for herself yet. In some cultures there are women called the "White Lucias" who are very loyal to others, such like this woman.
So I thought I paint her one, as a surprise. I guess she liked it a lot.
Mission is complete! :-)

On the first picture it was just halfly ready, and on the second one it's finished.
(It is 30x30cm, acrylic on canvas)

2013. február 8., péntek

My friend's cute cat is getting famous!

I painted a picture to surprise my friend, Claudia, who is by the way a very good cat breeder. I painted one of her cat, a British Shorthair cuteness called Tompika (or to be more preciese: Purrfect Blue Diamond). She's extremly friendly and we can get along very well, although I'm more of a dog-person.

Okay, that does not look like the cat exactly, but it seems Miss Purrrfect doesn't mind! :-D

2013. február 2., szombat

Mail Art Madness vol.3

So yes. No new year without a mail art night with Zóra, Zoli and Henrik. This time we headed to Zóra's place and made a Drink'n'Draw night with lots of fun.

We decided again on a new topic, and this time we chose "Dance". We all made a mail art for Torma Cauli in this theme.  I'm sure he'll know why. :-))

So, here are the newly-born stuff!

My work:

Zóra's work:

Zoli's work:

And Henrik's work (again, he's a librarian!) :

And last but not least, I decided to make another mail art for somebody I won't tell yet. So it can end up in anybody's mailbox really soon...

.oOo. UPDATE .oOo.

Old mail art for Torma Cauli

I forgot to post this here although this is one of my first and most beloved mail art I've ever made.

I used acrylic paint and a cover of an old book. 

Hope you like it. :-)

A funny birthday present prank

The basic story was that one of the three friends had a birthday and the other two guys decided to make a little prank with my help. So they asked the third man's wife to help them get his car out of his garage and they brought it to me to paint something. We didn't have much time though and it was so cold that the paint started freezing in the middle of painting session so it really gave me a hard time. But eventually the surprise turned out pretty great.
Freezing nose and hands were worth the way. But I had to realise that painting of a car's surface with kid's tempera that actually can go off later, is nearly not possible. :-) Or takes up much more time I suspected.

Anyway, I remade the logo of Guiness using his first name and I doodled other things next to it, and it touned out so:

Making of ten portraits in one

Getting started with a huge project on an even bigger canvas.. (It is 100cm x 80cm) Yes, this little sketch is just less than the half of the painting.
Gonna upload other parts soon.
Keep waiting... :-)

Work in progress... still.

It's finally finished! :-)