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2013. február 2., szombat

A funny birthday present prank

The basic story was that one of the three friends had a birthday and the other two guys decided to make a little prank with my help. So they asked the third man's wife to help them get his car out of his garage and they brought it to me to paint something. We didn't have much time though and it was so cold that the paint started freezing in the middle of painting session so it really gave me a hard time. But eventually the surprise turned out pretty great.
Freezing nose and hands were worth the way. But I had to realise that painting of a car's surface with kid's tempera that actually can go off later, is nearly not possible. :-) Or takes up much more time I suspected.

Anyway, I remade the logo of Guiness using his first name and I doodled other things next to it, and it touned out so:

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