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2013. február 2., szombat

Mail Art Madness vol.3

So yes. No new year without a mail art night with Zóra, Zoli and Henrik. This time we headed to Zóra's place and made a Drink'n'Draw night with lots of fun.

We decided again on a new topic, and this time we chose "Dance". We all made a mail art for Torma Cauli in this theme.  I'm sure he'll know why. :-))

So, here are the newly-born stuff!

My work:

Zóra's work:

Zoli's work:

And Henrik's work (again, he's a librarian!) :

And last but not least, I decided to make another mail art for somebody I won't tell yet. So it can end up in anybody's mailbox really soon...

.oOo. UPDATE .oOo.

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