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2012. szeptember 20., csütörtök

The Red Paintings

I guess I need some luck in these days.
It happened that I wrote a letter to the band if I can participate on their tour in Budapest, and paint on a "human canvas", during the concert. It is not yet decided, but they were really nice, and they accepted three of my paintings to publish them on their facebook page! It is so cool: I got a few likes on my works from strangers, and very kind comments, etc.
So fingers crossed everyone,hope I can get through, and then I can paint some really cool stuff!

If you don't know the band, there are some videos you can watch: Video 1.    Video 2.

These are the chosen paintings of mine:

.oOo. UPDATE .oOo.
I just got a letter from them, that says and I'm quoting:

"Hi Monika,
We would love for you to be one of our painters at the Budapest Show. Could you just email me back to confirm that you will still be able to paint at this show."


2012. szeptember 17., hétfő

New exhibition: The hidden treasures of the Stamp Museum

It is odd, that suddenly a museum decides to exhibit the artworks of the museologists, at least those, who have something to do with art. But for an idea I don't find it bad, even if it is only for a week..
So it happened last week when the head of the institute decided to arrange a small exhibition for the three of us, and so it happened.
I'm happy about it, kind of sad that it'll stay up until the 23rd of September, but nevermind.
I decided to show my degree work for my first MA degree, and one book I like very much and a few illustration for an Australian CD cover. I have two other colleges, one of them had his degree from the University of Fine Arts, and the other is an art teacher. Their artworks are also displayed for this week, and I couldn't be happier.

 There's an article about the exhibition in Hungarian, that was written by a very nice friend of mine: Planet Susannia. 
So. Let me show some of the artists' works:
Alexandra Halász exhibited two of her silk-paintings.

Gábor Czeglédi worked as an engraver in the Hungarian Banknote Printing Shareholding Company (Pénzjegynyomda) but he also worked to a company where they made digital engraving. This may sound interesting, well, this is indeed.

This one is a digital work, but he has plenty of hand-made prints too!

And finally, I'll show you one book I've created in 2008. This book contains no text at all, and communicates only through pictures.
It does have a certain meaning, but I let you decide what it is all about.

(Look out, this is going to be very long! If the picture is too small: right click, and then click on the image again!)
I got the news a few minutes ago from Susannia, that she wrote about this book on her blog!
It is in Hungarian, but if you have the time, check it out HERE.

.oOo. UPDATE .oOo.

Here are some pictures of the exhibition. Enjoy!

Alexandra Halász with her silk paintings

The exhibition is attendable at the Stamp Museum: 1075 Budapest Hársfa u. 47.
Opened from 10 until 18h except Mondays. From the 15th till the 23rd of September.

2012. szeptember 9., vasárnap


So. It's been a while.
I thought I upload some pictures I painted for two very talented musicians from Australia. Their CD has launched not so long ago, and I was asked to paint pictures for them. I didn't do the actual 'design' for the CD cover, just the pictures, and I've just got the news that the CD and a T-shirt with one of my works are on the way to me. I can't wait!
I wish big luck for them!
The title of their new album is called: "The Story of Three".


 For the cover:

And I saw a photo of the CD, where they used my stuffs:)
Gonna upload one pic. about the T-shirt soon if I get it. Never seen it either, and I'm very excited!

.oOo. UPDATE .oOo.

I link a new picture how my artwork was used by the band. They are so awesome!
The picture is from their Facebook page.

.oOo. UPDATE#2 .oOo.

I just found a video where you can see some of my artworks and listen their music in the same time. 
Enjoy! :)

2012. szeptember 4., kedd

The story of Susanna...

So it happened that I got to know someone who changed my view. Not even a little bit. She gave me so many things, she doesn't even know about. Most of all she gave me hope and confidence, and I really needed them in these times. Long story short, after a few exhibitions where we met, I had a trip to Stuttgart where she lives and we met each other. I was asked to paint a portrait about her, and to be honest I really did have the feeling to do so.

Here's a picture to set the mood. :)

So I painted and painted until I finished it. (40x40cm acrylic on canvas)

After she finally got it she even mentioned the picture in one of her blogs:

To my lovely friend

Earlier this year I painted two other portraits I sent to a very nice friend of mine to Hamburg, Germany.
This one she picked for herself.

And this one was painted as a present for her engangement.

I hope she will be happy with them!

My habit

On this summer I continued my old habit and I re-started painting portraits. This one was made for a very nice German family in Schorndorf, not too far from Stuttgart. It is around 40x60cm, Acrylic on thick cardboard.