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2013. december 31., kedd

2013. december 30., hétfő

Another portrait for good

I painted another portrait from the same person you see at my last painting. This was made on a 22x30cm board used only acrylics and plextol warnish.

Enjoy! :)

One late-night snapshot when it was just halfly ready.

 Well, the warnish is a bit legible but here's the picture, enjoy! :)

2013. december 9., hétfő

Thank you Pamela!

I met a very nice lady and her husband not too long ago in the Stamp Museum.
They searched me beforehand to agree on a date and ask a guided tour in the world of Philately.
They found me because of a very-very kind friend of mine, Alice from San Francisco.
The visit was nice and we had a pleasant time together. Now, that they arrived back to the States, I saw her wonderful hand-made Travel Journal about the cities they visited.

Please check it out, you can find it here:

While I was watching this blogentry I discovered that she also made a full page about the museum where she installed a picture of us as well.
I'm really glad we met Pamela!

2013. december 4., szerda

Teaser... The Dutch Riport

An article will be released soon where I talk about the museum I work in and the job I'm doing.
This will be in Dutch, and I'm really excited how it will turn out.

So stay tuned! :-)

Photo: Tom de Smet, Hongarije Vandaag, 2013

2013. december 2., hétfő

The Red Paintings: First show of the European Tour 2013, started in Munich, Germany

So last but not least, I saw the artworks published of the show from Munich. Unfortunately we didn't have so much time to paint because I painted partly a canvas and partly a body with another German artist Wolf D. Lenkewitz. We had about 10 to 15 minutes to paint so I really had to be hurry.
But as always, it was real fun to work with the band and it was a great show with lots of people.
During the time I painted the body, one guy from the audience climbed out of the crowd, up to the side-stage I was standing and asked me in German if I ever read the The Methamorphosis from Franz Kafka (Die Verwandlung). It was so loud that I finally understood the question after long minutes explaining what he really wanted.

 The third painter Adele from Australia, she's so great!

He wanted me to keep continue my painting in the 'mood' of this Kafka story, but since the title of the tour was "Wasps" I could not do what he asked.
Another funny thing has happened in that night is when I left the place I had to take a 15-minute long walk for the nearest metro and when I finally reached the station I saw two slightly drunk people coming toward me from the dark. I was a bit suspicious that they were coming toward me so quickly and noone else was there.. They finally reached me however I tried to go faster and they suddenly asked me if I can help them, cause they were lost. I just told them that I'm here for the first time so there's no chance I can help them find their way, but one guy just said that suddenly with a sigh: "We'll never find that Hansa 38 place!" :-)
Since I was coming from that very place I put on a smile and told them the way. They were really cool and very happy at the end.
Anyway, enjoy the pictures!  :-)

 I painted the bottom of the canvas

 Here I painted both sides of the body, but the front was completely transformed by the other artist, 
Rolf D. Lenkewitz. It was fun working with him.

Here are some pictures I made in the backstage: 

Go, check out my and the others' artworks at:
Here's my newest: 

Oh, and finally.. Just to set the mood :-)


BTW: They became the best album of the year... That's not anything, is it? :-)

2013. november 29., péntek

Designing a board game for the Stamp Museum

My collegue wrote a nice game about stamp collecting for kids with some knowledge of history, art history, litterature, etc. to spread out via stamps. And I was asked to create a design for it.

Of course I won't publish the full game, but there will be some cute snapshots of it, and when it is all printed out, you can purchase it in our museum shop.

I made a special interactive feature of the board: if you have a magnifier glass, you can look for funny things in the small details.For example you can find my colleges and me in front of the mini-Stamp Museum waving to you. :-)

Anyway, keep up for more posts!

And enjoy!

.oOo. UPDATE!!!.oOo.

So here are the playmoney for the game. 

.oOo. Update! .oOo.

This is the very-first small box-model of the board game! 
Looks cute!

.oOo. UPDATE! .oOo.

Here's a little sneak-peek of the finished box and board. The picture is taken with my mobile phone, but there'll be better pictures of the product soon!

2013. november 28., csütörtök

Another Mini(e)MailArt Project: "Chairs"

This is what I did this time to the Mini (e)Mail Art Project, I hope you'll like it.
This work was originally made for another puropse too, but yet that's a secret, that project will be announced very soon.. ;-) I added a few things to it and now here it goes!

This work has been published in the MMA's site as well.

2013. november 19., kedd

A little this and that..

So I came home from Munich, and I will post the pictures of The Red Paintings show soon.
Until that come and play with us to the Tulipán Kindergarten!
Love it, share it!

.oOo. UPDATE! .oOo.

The new official board is ready for the kindergarden! It looks so cute!
Here is the design and the 80x 80 cm plastic board at the entrance of the building.

2013. november 8., péntek

Hello Munich! - old sketchbook pages #3

So tomorrow I'm off to Munich for a week. The journey will be very exciting, among other things I'll be painting for The Red Paintings European Tour, the 'Wasps' on the 14th of November.
For now, I thought I'll post old sketchbook pages that I started the time, when I lived in Bremen.
In this sketchbook, for some reason I draw all the time when I'm in Germany and I'm bored on trains, buses, planes, etc. ever since.

So here's some of them (I have over a hundred of these! :-)

Enjoy, love, share!

2013. november 4., hétfő


I was asked to create a portrait of a father and his son. It is still under progress, but so far, so good..

I used stamps to decorate the clothes, but other than that it is 40x40cm acrylic on canvas.
Hopefully ready by this week.

Stay tuned for the updates, and...

... enjoy, love, share!

.oOo. UPDATE!!!! .oOo.

So I'm finished with the father, almost.. But sometimes I feel it will never be finished :-)

Anyway, EnJoY! :)

Uhh.. almost ready.. :-)

.oOo. UPDATE!!! .oOo.

Letting the varnish to dry in the window..


It's finally ready, set, dried! :-)
Peace, love, share!

2013. november 3., vasárnap

Day of the Dead.. No, not Halloween!

The Hongarije Vandaag online magazine asked me to create illustrations for them. So at first I made a small illustration about my 'opinion' of this day. I wanted to create something that others will also think about.

This work was published under this link:

Look out, the article is in Dutch!
Gosh, this is the first article when a journalist quoted from me in Dutch language..  :-)

Love, share!

2013. október 26., szombat

Book illustration: vector with a hint of a hand-painted background

I've made three illustrated books back in 2010 for my degree, but I ended up not using the painted backgrounds. Not that I wasn't satisfied with them but sometimes less is more.
But enough with the clichés, so I decided on uploading somes with their original backgrounds.

These ones were made for a - probably not only - Hungarian saying it says: "Rokonok Ádámtól és Évától"
in English: "They are related from Adam and Eve". This saying means that they are not at all related or their behaviours and/or interests differ. In my books you can read about many interesting and old sayings and proberbs' origin and their cultural background surrounded by my illustrations.

So here's one of them in its "extended" version, enjoy, love, share!

2013. október 16., szerda

When I forgot to bring my camera to Jesolo, Italy - old sketchbook pages #2

In 2005 me and my father decided to go to the sea for a few days to Italy in the end of the summer. We had a great time, except that after a few hundred kms from Hungary I realized I left my camera at home.
The funny part is because of this "accident" and because I still wanted to take home pictures, I went to the first 'Tutti 1 Euro' shop and bought myself an empty copybook and some cheap felt tips to sketch, so I have even more memories of this holiday than of the others before. These pictures became much more personal than a digital photo, so I'm having a sketchbook on me everytime, eversince.

I recomend everyone who likes drawing to leave home their camera and start sketching what is around you.
You won't regret it, I promise. :)

Here's some sketch of the trip back then, and stay tuned for some others like these, soon...

Enjoy, love, share!