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2013. október 26., szombat

Book illustration: vector with a hint of a hand-painted background

I've made three illustrated books back in 2010 for my degree, but I ended up not using the painted backgrounds. Not that I wasn't satisfied with them but sometimes less is more.
But enough with the clichés, so I decided on uploading somes with their original backgrounds.

These ones were made for a - probably not only - Hungarian saying it says: "Rokonok Ádámtól és Évától"
in English: "They are related from Adam and Eve". This saying means that they are not at all related or their behaviours and/or interests differ. In my books you can read about many interesting and old sayings and proberbs' origin and their cultural background surrounded by my illustrations.

So here's one of them in its "extended" version, enjoy, love, share!

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