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2013. október 12., szombat

Designing a poster that became two

Last week I was asked by the Stamp Museum to design a big poster for the Autumn Festival of the Museums for the Stamp Museum of Budapest. I got inspired of the topic and made one that everybody liked. Until we got to know there's a bianco poster scheme that I should've used.. Sadly. Because I had to start it over again.
But the second one turned out to be good enough as well, so now it's visible on the streets!
I should start finding it on the citylights of Budapest. :)

This was my first design:

 This is the bianco poster I had to use:

 And this is how it turned out:

Enjoy, love share! :)

.oOo. UPDATE! .oOo.

In the meantime I was also asked to design a very simple plastic billboard or molino that can be rolled up and brought anywhere for the Postal Museum of Budapest. 
I liked the fact how cooperative they were and we decided on playing with their logo and create the background from its structure. 
So this is how it turned out. 

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