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2013. október 1., kedd

Something is going on... Painting on stage with The Red Paintings in November!

Yes! I'll be on stage with The Red Paintings' newest 'Wasps' EU/UK Tour in Munich on the 14th of November 2013! The concert will be at Hansa 39, so if you are nearby and want to join us, come! :-)

Here's their page about the tour:
And my submissions:
1, 2, 3

And two posts about their tour with me last year in Budapest and in Wien. Check them out too!

Join, like, share, and stay tuned!!!

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  1. Válaszok
    1. Igen, alig várom. Bár, ahogyan ez lenni szokott, sajnos ez sem zökkenőmentes, de úgyis minden megoldódik! Nem jöttök át Münchenbe egyet bulizni? :)