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2014. április 8., kedd

New design for the Tulipán Kindergarden Summer Camp!

So since the camp is going to be held in the summer, I thought this time the design and the figures should look a bit lighter and sketchier (does this word even exist in English?) So all in all I wanted the new posters and characters to look more hand-drawn than vector-created.
I started working first on the characters and than I put together the Kindergarden's Summer Camp header on Facebook, and I also finished with their poster and flyer.
Hopefully the people will like it as much as the earlier designs for the company I made.

Enjoy, love, share!

And a little music to set the mood:


 Facebook header:

And the poster + flyer:

.oOo. Update! .oOo.

New versions are on the go!

I made other versions of the poster/flyer and the FB header, plus a bianco paper for writing or for kids to get creative and draw some things on the blank area.

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