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2014. április 4., péntek

My first ever exhibition in Utrecht, The Netherlands!

I'm very excited in these days, because I'm participating in a so called Magyar Kiállítás (Hungarian Exhibition) in Utrecht.
23 Hungarian artist will show their artwork to the world. Unfortunately I didn't have so many paintings "on stock" but still 11 works were selected from me to display.
They are mostly older works of mine, but I'm very happy that they liked what I did back then as well.
The opening ceremony will be on the 6th or April according to an article that became a hit between Hungarian and Dutch art-lovers all over the internet. This was written by Tom de Smet, and I can't be more grateful for him publishing about us in his online newspaper, the Hongarije Vandaag.
So Dear Tom! Thank you again, and again...! :-)

Here's the article, in Dutch language:

I include some artworks that will be displayed on the show. These were made between 2002 to 2009.

Enjoy, love, share!!

.oOo. UPDATE!! .oOo.

Finally the opening ceremony is over, and although I couldn't be there in person I saw a video about the way they arranged the paintings, but I'm not sure if it is visible for everyone since it is on Facebook. But the link is here:

And here are some pictures of the installing and final arrangment of the showroom. Enjoy!

Photos by: Peter Den Hollander and Tom de Smet

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