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2013. február 8., péntek

My friend's cute cat is getting famous!

I painted a picture to surprise my friend, Claudia, who is by the way a very good cat breeder. I painted one of her cat, a British Shorthair cuteness called Tompika (or to be more preciese: Purrfect Blue Diamond). She's extremly friendly and we can get along very well, although I'm more of a dog-person.

Okay, that does not look like the cat exactly, but it seems Miss Purrrfect doesn't mind! :-D

2 megjegyzés:

  1. It’s really an honor to know you, Thomilla! I really admire your work, and your artwork is so astonishing. I’m attracted to this cat artwork of yours. How you painted it tells me that you’re really inspired that day. Plus, the cat really digs it as her companion.
    - Ivette Haggerty

    1. Dear Ivette! Thank you for the nice words. Nothing feels better than getting feedbacks like yours! I hope I will paint more pictures like this in the future and I hope you'll like those too! Thank you!