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2013. szeptember 12., csütörtök

How to turn an Avocado into a jewellery box?

Last summer when I was in Stuttgart, I visited a good friend of mine,
Planet Susannia. 
I was wondering about what should I create for her, and then I decided, I will try to make something weird but useful at the same time.

So take an Avocado, cut it in half, eat it however you'd like to, and leave the avocado's peel to dry for about a few month.
Than pour varnish inside of one half. I used plextol. I placed a stamp inside of the shell first, just to make it more interesting.
When it dries the plextol will make enough weight so that the 'empty' dried avocado will stay in place.
I loved painting the surface of the avocado peel, although it was not too easy.

Anyway, it was fun for an experiment and fun to surprise my friend with it.
There's no chance that someone counts on getting an avocado peel jewellery box as a present.

For sure.

Love it, share it.


The photos were made by Susannia, also this little review, check it out!

2 megjegyzés:

  1. Azóta is része az életemnek, minden nap szem előtt van egy jól látható helyen. Remekül érzi magát nálunk!

    Megetettem a halakat!

    1. Az avokádó-tigrisek tudják hol jó nekik! :)) Nagyon örülök, hogy még mindig szereted és, hogy még mindig egyben van! (Vagyis.. kettőben) :)
      Hogy vagytok? Jöttök haza valamikor? :)