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2013. július 27., szombat


I love being on duty of my workplace! If nothing bad happens I usually sit at a desk and beside I can't go anywhere outside, I can use up these hours for mostly anything. Of course it's better to spend my weekend at home, or somewhere else, but since I have to be here, I decided to paint as much as I can in 8 hours.
And today I only paint surprises for friends and family.
I already scanned the paintings in, but I will upload them from home.
So.... till soon and keep waiting for the ".oOo. UPDATE! .oOo."

.oOo. UPDATE! .oOo.

For a nice collegue:

For my father:

2013. július 21., vasárnap

Small film of the history of stamps... in Moni's style! :-) Caution!!! It is in Hungarian!

A few month ago I editted a small animation about stamps. Actually I'm very-very far away yet to make professional, or at all: good animations, so this is really just a small something I tried..
I could actually write this post in Hungarian as well, because unfortunately this video will be in Hungarian, so for those who don't understand this language,
I don't really recomend watching it. Cause this won't make any sense for them.

But you know, you can always try. :-)

(Click on the link below.)


.oOo. UPDATE .oOo.

Thank you so much for Susannicon who published this film on her blog too! 

2013. július 19., péntek

Look who's opening!!

So it's been a while. And it's not because I was not doing anything.. But now I proudly present the fresh and new Dutch-Hungarian kindergarden, the Tulipán Kindergarden!!

Here's a small but happy image to set the mood:


Oh, and if you need a good kidergarden:

Or you can like them and visit them on their Facebook page that looks also fancy:

Kusjes aan iedereen! :)