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2012. december 20., csütörtök

Mail Art Madness vol.2

One of the coolest habit is what we do with two of my best friends and my boyfriend. We all gather together occasionally like we did today. We have one goal: to paint together something for Torma Cauli László, our friend. So a few hours of chatting, drawing and gluing stuff makes sense, especially after some wine.. :)
anyway, don't judge me, or even us, we just had fun like we always do if we are together.

Here's some pictures from our little event:

Here's what Zora did:

Zoli's work:

(By the way, Henrik is the only one of us who is not an artist per say, he is a librarian.)

And here's mine (both sides):

Okay, this chocolate is actually a lottery scratcher, so he can win with it some money :)

Here's what I made for a Russian Mail Art friend of mine, to Virgo:

And of course I also made one for Planet Susannia, but I will upload it later, because I know she is watching... :-)

.oOo. Update .oOo.

.oOo. Update #2 .oOo.

So now that Susannia got my mail art as well, I post it here.

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  1. Válaszok
    1. I will upload it though, but after you receive it in the mail:) I made yours after some glasses of wine, so there might be some silly creations hidden in yours as well:)