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2013. augusztus 31., szombat

Cultural Peep Show - 2007

I took part of two very awesome art festival in 2006 and the following year as well. In 2007 we made again our beloved Cultural Peep Show Event, and we painted a big canvas with girls and put some holes on the fabric. - Sometimes in some very 'improper' places.. :)
Why was it nessesary? Because behind this "curtain" there was a Motion Theater who played or better to say danced every now and then during the festival nights. If you were quick enough and find a hole for yourself, you could peep into the show, otherwise you could only hear the music.
I loved this project so much, I hope we'll make similar ones in the future. Right guys? :-)


 Picture of making the "curtain" - Guess which girl was my painting?

All set for the people to peep! :)

Close up, peep in..

And in action:

2013. augusztus 25., vasárnap

Welcome surprise for the new kids at the kindergarden!

The Dutch kindergarden decided to say thank you for the new kids who will join the group with a little postcard that will be sent by mail. It'll look like this:

It'll be fresh and ready-to-send by tomorrow from the press, I can't wait!!

And look, who's the 'top' partner of this institute!!

Yeey! :)

2013. augusztus 24., szombat

Being nostalgic #8 'Un peu de Typo'

Back in the university we made a little fontbook where we got to decide which font will we want to demonstrate and advertise.
I found the pages of mine from around 2006.
It's the American Typrewriter!
What's not to love?! :)

2013. augusztus 12., hétfő

The sweetest kindergarden is opening - advertising huuuuuge poster out now!

From the next days this monstre poster will be seen on the streets of Budapest! (Approx 2x5 m)
I will upload a real picture soon how does it look like in 3D.

Until that, love it, share it!

And again:  :-)

.oOo. UPDATE!!! .oOo.

Yesss, it's now official, can be seen in the 3rd district in Budapest! Looks so lovely! 

Photo by Melinda Márta Kovács, thank you so much to take a picture of it!!!!!! You're the BEST! :)

.oOo. UPDATE#2!!! .oOo.

Yesss! I went to see the poster and took some really cool pictures too!

Enjoy, love, share!! :)

.oOo. UPDATE#3 .oOo.

Yess! The second poster has been found by Melinda! It's at the Megyeri Bridge and looks like this: 

2013. augusztus 11., vasárnap

Last summer in Germany - Meeting Planet Susannia

I feel kinda ashamed that I scanned my little booklet in only now, but finally I did it!
In the summer of 2012 I spent a week in Stuttgart-München-Friesing by friends and I met with
Planet Susannia too who gave me this blanc booklet to fill it up with memories of this week.
Well, hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. And again: Thank you Susannia!!!!


So this is the booklet I got with empty pages.

I got some more paper from her to edit my book and add pages if needed. I thought I will lengthen some pages with flaps here and there:

2013. augusztus 9., péntek

Born to be wild!

The story is too long to tell, but I was at the office when I thought about putting together a picture for a friend of mine, Charlotte, from the materials I found on my desk.. I made a wild asparagus! And yes, it exists!


So.. the materials I used are: Thick paper, normal copy paper, pencil, pen, green color pencil, yellow duct tape and stapler. :)