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2013. augusztus 12., hétfő

The sweetest kindergarden is opening - advertising huuuuuge poster out now!

From the next days this monstre poster will be seen on the streets of Budapest! (Approx 2x5 m)
I will upload a real picture soon how does it look like in 3D.

Until that, love it, share it!

And again:  :-)

.oOo. UPDATE!!! .oOo.

Yesss, it's now official, can be seen in the 3rd district in Budapest! Looks so lovely! 

Photo by Melinda Márta Kovács, thank you so much to take a picture of it!!!!!! You're the BEST! :)

.oOo. UPDATE#2!!! .oOo.

Yesss! I went to see the poster and took some really cool pictures too!

Enjoy, love, share!! :)

.oOo. UPDATE#3 .oOo.

Yess! The second poster has been found by Melinda! It's at the Megyeri Bridge and looks like this: 

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