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2013. augusztus 31., szombat

Cultural Peep Show - 2007

I took part of two very awesome art festival in 2006 and the following year as well. In 2007 we made again our beloved Cultural Peep Show Event, and we painted a big canvas with girls and put some holes on the fabric. - Sometimes in some very 'improper' places.. :)
Why was it nessesary? Because behind this "curtain" there was a Motion Theater who played or better to say danced every now and then during the festival nights. If you were quick enough and find a hole for yourself, you could peep into the show, otherwise you could only hear the music.
I loved this project so much, I hope we'll make similar ones in the future. Right guys? :-)


 Picture of making the "curtain" - Guess which girl was my painting?

All set for the people to peep! :)

Close up, peep in..

And in action:

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