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2014. február 24., hétfő

The World Tourism Day of 2014

We had an event, the World Tourism Day on the 23rd of February, where the Stamp Museum a.k.a. me and another nice college of mine Ágnes were invited to lead the children's activity program about ships, travelling and of course stamps. So we prepared some new stuff for the guests and I drew also a fast sketch with a felt tip of a wooden ship that used to sail on our river Danube in the 15th-16th centrury. We figured out that it'd be nice if the kids can finish my drawing, colouring it with stamps.
They seemed to like it, especially because we were playing with the kids on a ship the whole time.
Here are some pictures of the event.

And here's what I got from one of the kids. Just because! :-)

2014. február 17., hétfő

"Art is anything you can get away with." - Bier-time!

Another edible logo has been created from my designs, this time the Felni Bierbar made a wonderful and delicious art-piece of my logo and if it's not enough, they also placed it on their glasses.
I think they look amazing, aren't they?
Here's my previous edible logo if you haven't checked it out already.

For the bread:

And for the liquid bread! :)

Drink it, eat it, love it!

2014. február 16., vasárnap

Do I draw cars?

No. Or at least not that I know of.. But there was one time when I tried and it turned out quite okay, especially because that was the first time, ever. Of course I do draw cars when I have to "doodle" some for illustrations, but as it is, I guess this was the only one.
It was for a nice friend, who has a special "printer" he built that has sand and not ink to print. And uses glass instead of paper to print on. The sand basicly carves out the glass and makes a glass-picture and he needed me to draw this Mercedes and he transferred it to a plain glass plate.
I made it with my digital Wacom tablet in vector.
Anyway, enjoy!

Here's one when it was halfly done:

 And here's a finished version that was transferred on glass.