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2014. február 16., vasárnap

Do I draw cars?

No. Or at least not that I know of.. But there was one time when I tried and it turned out quite okay, especially because that was the first time, ever. Of course I do draw cars when I have to "doodle" some for illustrations, but as it is, I guess this was the only one.
It was for a nice friend, who has a special "printer" he built that has sand and not ink to print. And uses glass instead of paper to print on. The sand basicly carves out the glass and makes a glass-picture and he needed me to draw this Mercedes and he transferred it to a plain glass plate.
I made it with my digital Wacom tablet in vector.
Anyway, enjoy!

Here's one when it was halfly done:

 And here's a finished version that was transferred on glass.

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