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2013. október 16., szerda

When I forgot to bring my camera to Jesolo, Italy - old sketchbook pages #2

In 2005 me and my father decided to go to the sea for a few days to Italy in the end of the summer. We had a great time, except that after a few hundred kms from Hungary I realized I left my camera at home.
The funny part is because of this "accident" and because I still wanted to take home pictures, I went to the first 'Tutti 1 Euro' shop and bought myself an empty copybook and some cheap felt tips to sketch, so I have even more memories of this holiday than of the others before. These pictures became much more personal than a digital photo, so I'm having a sketchbook on me everytime, eversince.

I recomend everyone who likes drawing to leave home their camera and start sketching what is around you.
You won't regret it, I promise. :)

Here's some sketch of the trip back then, and stay tuned for some others like these, soon...

Enjoy, love, share!

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