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2013. december 2., hétfő

The Red Paintings: First show of the European Tour 2013, started in Munich, Germany

So last but not least, I saw the artworks published of the show from Munich. Unfortunately we didn't have so much time to paint because I painted partly a canvas and partly a body with another German artist Wolf D. Lenkewitz. We had about 10 to 15 minutes to paint so I really had to be hurry.
But as always, it was real fun to work with the band and it was a great show with lots of people.
During the time I painted the body, one guy from the audience climbed out of the crowd, up to the side-stage I was standing and asked me in German if I ever read the The Methamorphosis from Franz Kafka (Die Verwandlung). It was so loud that I finally understood the question after long minutes explaining what he really wanted.

 The third painter Adele from Australia, she's so great!

He wanted me to keep continue my painting in the 'mood' of this Kafka story, but since the title of the tour was "Wasps" I could not do what he asked.
Another funny thing has happened in that night is when I left the place I had to take a 15-minute long walk for the nearest metro and when I finally reached the station I saw two slightly drunk people coming toward me from the dark. I was a bit suspicious that they were coming toward me so quickly and noone else was there.. They finally reached me however I tried to go faster and they suddenly asked me if I can help them, cause they were lost. I just told them that I'm here for the first time so there's no chance I can help them find their way, but one guy just said that suddenly with a sigh: "We'll never find that Hansa 38 place!" :-)
Since I was coming from that very place I put on a smile and told them the way. They were really cool and very happy at the end.
Anyway, enjoy the pictures!  :-)

 I painted the bottom of the canvas

 Here I painted both sides of the body, but the front was completely transformed by the other artist, 
Rolf D. Lenkewitz. It was fun working with him.

Here are some pictures I made in the backstage: 

Go, check out my and the others' artworks at:
Here's my newest: 

Oh, and finally.. Just to set the mood :-)


BTW: They became the best album of the year... That's not anything, is it? :-)

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