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2013. március 4., hétfő

The cutting edge designer

Over a year ago I was selected to design the logo for a Hungarian-Dutch kindergarden called Tulipán Kidergarden.

This was so inspiring, that the owner of the kindergarden started making different things with it, for example: 

Melinda's lovely pumpkin

A few days ago, on Saturday we had a big day, the kindergarden could introduce itself to the people on the Oviparádé 2013 (Kindergarden Parade 2013).

I was asked to make some goodies that people can take with themselves as a gift and ad about the place. So I made some nice stickers and magnets (around 4-500) and cutted them at home. It took up  bit time.. :-)

I will update with some pictures of the parade, because I was there to make facepaintings on kids.

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