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2014. június 14., szombat

Pimp my paint palette!

It has been forever since I've written an entry here, I know.. But finally I got the time to do something that it's worth mentioning here.
I had a huge wooden board in the shape of a paint palette sitting behind the bookshelf forever, and I always wanted to paint on it. But I never did. This board used to be a sign for an artshop in Budapest, but my friends found it one day in the street, thrown away and they brought it to me as a surprise.
So today I thought about giving it a shot, and I started to paint a picture using this as the base.
It's still not finished, I haven't used any colours yet, but stay tuned for the finished one!

Love it, share it!

.oOo. UPDATE .oOo.

It's finally finished! 

Enjoy, love, share! :-)

With artificial light:

...and with sunlight!

.oOo. Update! .oOo.

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