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2012. október 7., vasárnap

Mail Art Madness vol.1. For Torma Cauli

We made a little one-afternoon painting session with two of my friends, Orsolya Zóra Gyulai and Zoltán Porpáczy and we all decided to paint a "Misery series" for our friend, László Torma Cauli.
First we thought of painting one different Mail Art each, but it tourned out: we all worked on every piece a little bit. We even thought of an inner joke, so if he puts our works in a right order, he will see his name through the pictures' meanings: "Torma-Cow-Lee". Torma actually means horseradish, and this picture I made mostly. Here's what we did in only a couple of hours, and in the right order. The artworks arrived to him and he mentioned them and us here.



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