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2012. október 7., vasárnap


The life can be really funny sometimes. It happened in the middle of the summer when I travelled to Stuttgart and to Munich that a very kind man, let's call him Kommissar Hjuler, came to visit the museum I work and wanted to talk to the curator of the exhibition, that was actually me. So he came all the way from the country I was at that time and afterwards I got an email from him that he'd like me to work with him on a project called "Brotkatze" (BradCat). I don't want to write many details about it here and now but the main point was that he sent me a couple of cats that were made of dried bread and I had to turn them into an artpiece and it will be on exhibitions in Germany.
Yet I finished and sent one, but I may make more because I find this project fun.
So here's what I made.

There's a picture of it without and with backlight.

So I found a picture the way they made the exhibition at Förderkreis zeitgenössischer Kunst Kreis, Euskirchen:

And I noticed that they also uploaded my artwork to their "Zusammenkatze" website using backlight:

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