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2012. október 13., szombat

Saying thank you for the "Rédactrice en chef" of the L'Écho de la Timbrologie

Yesterday I got a mail from Paris and I found a magazine in the envelope where they wrote about the Mail Art exhibition I directed in the Stamp Museum! I was so happy! So I was wondering, it'd be the best to say thank you, if I'll send a real Mail Art for the Editor in Chief.

So here's what they wrote about us! I start with the magazine's cover, then the article.

So, stay tuned because I'll upload something else soon... :)

.oOo. UPDATE.oOo.

As I said, I'll upload something else soon.. I thought I'll send a real mail art, so I painted one. It's still not finished 100%, but here are some werk pictures, hope you like it.

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