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2012. november 20., kedd

The best Bierbar in town!

At least I hope it will be. I'm recently working on the design on a very-very special bierbar that will open soon in a frequented place in the downtown in Budapest. We decided on a logo, and I've made some variations that may change a bit, but this is where the project up to so far. The place is called "Felni" which is "Tire" (or the metal wheel in the midle of the tire.. I don't know it in English.)

This store will be special because this won't be "just an ordinary" bierbar, but a place where you can actually buy such handmade beers that you could hardly get anywhere else, especially not in one place! It will be a true heaven for the gourmands. And when this is not enough, if you go there you will get to taste these fine beers with different beer chasers, so you can chose which is your favourite right away! Among these features, it is planned to be also an art gallery and some whole other things as well, but mainly: A place where it is good to be.

.oOo. Update .oOo.

Here are the possible posters of the many I'll plan to make.

Any other details I will tell after the opening.

.oOo. UPDATE .oOo.

So this little bier bar is getting really famous! Here's an article of the place, unfortunately it is only in Hungarian, but the pictures are priceless! 

.oOo. UPDATE .oOo.

Another great review of the Bierbar! This time in English! 

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