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2014. március 8., szombat

Another boardgame for a museum?! Yes!!

Last summer I was invited to help a very nice museum educator in the Museum of Fine Arts for a summer camp. I was excited and I found this two weeks very inspiring being with teenagers working with them, showing them new things about art. I also made the design of the board of a board game, that was about pirates and about the paintings in the Museum's Dutch Gallery section.
I made this in the summer of 2013, but I forgot to post it so far. It was not a professional game, it was made specially for the campers to play with it.
I was really happy seeing the kids playing with it, and it was a good feeling to hear they liked the design.
Here are some pictures of it, enjoy!

Here are some sneak-peek werkpictures of designing the board game:


 The game in action! :)

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